Optimize Your Performance

Run faster, jump higher and perfect your form with Yogger’s Video Analysis App

Track progress and drive new revenue streams to you business with Yogger’s Virtual Assessments

Our State of the Art App

 Yogger’s video analysis mobile app provides you the tools to analyze your form like a pro. It’s intentionally designed to be intuitive and easy so you can get set up and going in no time!

Image of a lady weightlifting with joints being tracked
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Record your own video, or upload a previously recorded video. Yogger gives you the ability to take full control of your device’s camera settings to get the best footage possible. 

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Visualize your movement with Yogger’s video playback and automatic motion tracking. In addition to our flexible frame by frame analysis, and video controls, Yogger displays visual references for joint and angle location to help critique your form.

Image of the Yogger app with biomechanical data
Image of the yogger app with the progress tab
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At the core of Yogger is giving you meaningful ways to track progress in the form of OBJECTIVE data. Yogger provides real time biomechanical data for dynamic and static movements, that can be saved and stored so you can quantify your performance. 

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Our Virtual Assessments

Yogger’s Assessments are automated, mobile and easy. With our assessments, clients can complete different movement screenings from their phones, tablets or webcams. Yogger records all the pertinent biomechanical information from the test and packages it up into a simple score and report for you and your patients to see.

Drive New Revenue Steams

Charge clients to take assessments as part of pre-screening or client intake process

Attract New Clients

Utilize our technology to attract new clients and stand out from your competition

Validate Services

Highlight client progress with actual data that’s easy to understand.


Start with a Baseline

Perform movement screenings in 30 seconds with the mobile App. Yogger’s assessment scores are easy to understand, so you and your client will be on the same page from the get go.

A fitness coach helping a client

Generate Better Leads

Use assessments as pre-screeening tools to generate new, quality leads. It’s as simple as adding a link to your website — Have potential clients perform assessments at home, get a detailed report once its finished, then market your services based on the results in a quarter of the time.

Woman doing a virtual fitness assessment

Reach Real Milestones

Our assessment reports create a tangible way to show clients information and improvement. Export information through PDF files and share to keep clients motivated and engaged.

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