Virtual Assessments

Clients can complete AI-powered movement screenings called Assessments from their devices. Yogger records the movement and data, then packages it up into a simple score and report.

Assessments results

Empower Your Business

Grow Your Revenue

Charge clients to take assessments as part of the pre-screening or client intake process.

Establish a Baseline

Perform screenings in 60 seconds so you and your client will be on the same page from the start.

Attract More Clients

Utilize the results from our technology to market your services and stand out from the competition.

Generate Leads

Save time by having clients perform assessments and marketing your services based on the results.

Validate Services

Establish trust with potential clients by highlighting progress with easy-to-understand data.

Reach Milestones

Our PDF reports create a tangible way to show improvement and keep clients motivated.

Streamlined Assessments Score

Select, perform, view assessments results

Overhead Squat

Measurements include Knee Valgus, Stability, Squat Depth, and more.


Measurements include Anterior-Posterior Head Tilt, Neck Rotation, and more.


Measurements include Hip Mobility, Knee Valgus, Lunge Depth, and more.

What customers say about Assessments