Video analysis player

Video Analysis

Key Features

Automatic Tracking

Automatically track joints and joint angles throughout a movement.

Slow Motion View

Record video up to 240 FPS for frame by frame analysis.

Side by Side View

Compare and analyze new and old videos with precise measurements.

Path Tracing

Visualize motion as you track the path of a joint from beginning to end.

Frame Extraction

Save still images of larger movements for precise data.

Save Data & Notes

Store videos or images in custom categories and add notes to review later.

A better way to capture movement

Analysis tool in your pocket

Record your own videos from inside our app our upload previously record videos on your own, then analyze.

Machine learning model

Our automatic joint tracking makes it easy to critique and track data through dynamic or static movements.
Video analysis suite of tools
Data driven insights for target joints

See data-driven insights

Isolate target joints

 Create visual references for joint and angle location to improve your form.

Create and track goals

See your trends over time for specific ranges of motion. Set goals, and reach your targeted milestones!

Seamless client integration

Keep videos organized

Sort your videos and snapshots in our cloud library. Share media between athletes and coach all in one platform!

Share custom reports

Create PDF reports with custom format for clients with your analysis.
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At-home solo video analysis

Get started instantly

No equipment needed

 No wasted time and money with expensive equipment. Yogger can be used with just your mobile device.

Resources and tutorials

Get the best out of Yogger by exploring our tutorials and support documents.


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