Screen Recording

Introduction #

Description: Yogger offers a robust “Screen Recording” functionality, enabling users to capture and analyze their movements in real-time. The screen recording allows users to export and save their analysis, annotations and voiceover while playing through a video.

Location: This feature is found in the playback view, under “additional features.”

Purpose and Functionality #

The intended purpose of the screen record functionality is to enable users to share their expertise, analysis or questions about their videos with others. Through screen recording, you can walk through analysis of a video, make any verbal notes or coaching while displaying specific form and critiquing through Yogger’s video analysis tools to help the coaching or analysis come to life.

How to Start a Screen Recording #

The screen record function is located in the additional features (1) in the “Playback View.” Once you select the screen record option (2) and click “Start” (3). your device will ask you for permission to record the screen.

During Screen Recording #

During screen recording you can navigate between all of the Yogger’s analysis features, including drawing annotation, isolating angles and drawing joint paths throughout. To finish the recording “End Recording” (4) button will appear in the top middle of the screen.

Finishing the Screen Recording #

Once you choose to end recording you will now have a preview of the new video. You have the option to export (5) or save (6) your new video. By choosing export you can send via text message, email, or distribute through other apps . By choosing to save (6), you have the option to save the video to a collection.

Additionally you can choose to mute the video prior to export or saving. This will mute the voiceover and export or save the video with just the annotations.

Tips and Best Practices #

Screen Recording provides the easiest way to export a video with the joint tracking and lines. It allows you to manipulate the specific times and tracking of what the analysis displays and lets you guide others through your video analysis.

Use Screen Recording To: #
  • Coach an athlete on specific form and critique: Walk them through how they can improve and export the video straight to them!
  • Virtually give feedback for a fitness client: Give them actual goals and measurements to achieve and display to them how they are progressing.
  • Create educational content: Leverage screen recording to create educational content such as webinars, educational presentations, or educational content related to sports psychology, nutrition, or sports science

FAQs + Troubleshooting #

I started screen recording and the button disappeared. #

When the recording is interrupted by exiting out of the playback view, the “End Recording” button may disappear. The best way to reset the app is to exit out completely and re-open it back up.

I can’t save my screen recording to a collection. #

After you choose to export or save the video, Yogger does the work to render the video together. Depending on the length of video, this can take some time.

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