Overview #

Yogger’s “Reports” feature offers detailed insights and progress summaries, allowing users to track their advancements over time.

Step by Step #

  1. Accessing Reports: Navigate to the Reports section within the app.
  2. Viewing Progress Summaries: Review detailed summaries of your performance and progress.
  3. Analyzing Trends: Identify trends and patterns in your movements and achievements.
  4. Customizing Reports: Tailor reports based on specific parameters or time frames.
  5. Exporting Data: Export reports for further analysis or sharing purposes.

Who #

Reports cater to data-driven users, including fitness professionals, coaches, and individuals focused on tracking progress and analyzing trends. Whether evaluating training effectiveness, monitoring rehabilitation advancements, or analyzing movement patterns, this feature supports informed decision-making.

Where #

Access the Reports feature conveniently located within Yogger’s navigation menu.

Why #

Reports provide invaluable insights, enabling users to track, analyze, and refine their training or rehabilitation strategies effectively.

FAQs #

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