Overview #

The lunge is a basic exercise with large implications on running and walking. This assessment measures lower body mobility, strength, and balance. It is also a powerful tool in helping users perfect this exercise and gain knowledge about efficient movement in these everyday areas. It is important that users approach this test with an understanding of movement analysis so that they are able to best use this assessment.

Step By Step #

Open the Yogger app
Click the green button with the running icon called “Assessments”
Click the Lunge Assessment
Read the intro and how-to in order to understand a correct lunge
Read the instructions
Turn your volume on
Take special note of which leg you are supposed to step with at each angle
Press the “Go” button in the top right corner when you have read all the instructions
Prop your phone up so that it is stable and can record your whole body
Press the green record button when ready to begin; it should turn red
Follow the prompts

Understanding Your Results

Knee Valgus

Knee Valgus occurs when the knee falls inward while performing a lunge movement. It is characterized by excessive hip adduction and internal rotation of the knees.


The torso should remain balanced while in the split stance of a lunge. If the torso wavers from side to side, this would be decrease the stability score. The knees should be in line with each other and the torso should not move.


Posture should remain stable throughout a lunge, with the core upright. There should be no forward or backward hip hinge during the lunge. The back should be in a neutral position with no lower curvature.

Lunge Depth

The front knee should be at a 90 degree angle. Thighs should be parallel to the ground. The lunge motion should primarily relying on the strength of quad muscle.

Frequently Asked Questions #

We gathered the answers to some popular questions below.
If you can’t find your question below feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

How often should I complete the test? #

We recommend that users test roughly once every week if you are performing lunges 2 to 3 times per week. This should show if your performance is improving or decreasing. Consistency and education will help users get the most of Yogger.

How do I keep my phone from shutting off while testing? #

Open settings. Scroll down to display and brightness. Change your auto-lock setting to take more time.

How do I improve my score? #

To improve your score, it is important to first identify the category with lowest the score. Learn about that category and the different muscle groups associated. Focus on using the correct muscles for the movement and keep practicing. See the Understanding Results section to get started.

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