Overview #

Yogger’s “Library” feature serves as a comprehensive repository, housing a diverse collection of exercises, techniques, and resources tailored to various fitness and rehabilitation needs.

Step by Step #

  1. Exploring the Library: Access the Library section within the app.
  2. Browsing Categories: Navigate through different categories of exercises and resources.
  3. Selecting Resources: Choose specific exercises or techniques based on your requirements.
  4. Viewing Details: Explore detailed information and instructions for selected items.
  5. Saving to Favorites: Save preferred exercises or resources for quick access.
  6. Utilizing Filters: Use filters to refine searches and find precisely what you need.

Who #

Screen Recording is designed for individuals seeking a visual analysis of their movements. It’s particularly beneficial for coaches, trainers, and individuals involved in sports or rehabilitation. Whether refining techniques, analyzing form, or providing visual feedback, this feature accommodates various users aiming to enhance movement precision.

Where #

Find the Library section conveniently located within the Yogger app’s navigation menu.

Why #

The Library feature acts as a comprehensive resource hub, providing access to a wide array of exercises and techniques to cater to diverse user needs.

FAQs #

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