Joint Path Tracking

Overview #

Yogger’s “Joint Path Tracking” feature offers meticulous tracking and analysis of joint movements, aiding in refining form and technique.

Step by Step #

  1. Accessing Joint Path Tracking: Locate and activate the Joint Path Tracking feature.
  2. Selecting Joints: Choose specific joints for detailed analysis.
  3. Analyzing Movement Paths: Track and analyze the movement paths of selected joints.
  4. Reviewing Path Data: Review detailed data and metrics related to joint movements.
  5. Utilizing Visualizations: Use visual representations to understand joint movement patterns.

Who #

Joint Path Tracking is geared towards users with a keen interest in detailed movement analysis. It benefits physical therapists, biomechanics experts, and trainers seeking in-depth insights into joint-specific movements, aiding in refining techniques and optimizing performance.

Where #

Access the Joint Path Tracking feature within the designated section of the Yogger app.

Why #

Joint Path Tracking assists in precise analysis, aiding users in refining their movements and techniques with detailed joint-specific data.

FAQs #

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