Overview #

In pursuit of progress and achievement, Yogger introduces the pivotal “Goals” feature. This feature empowers users across disciplines—be it physical therapy, coaching, or athletic training—to set, track, and conquer their aspirations like never before.

Step by Step #

  1. Naming Your Goal: Provide a succinct name for your goal.
  2. Selecting Movements: Choose relevant core movements from Yogger’s repertoire.
  3. Measurement Method: Decide on measuring progress by minimum or maximum angles.
  4. Setting a Target Angle: Define the desired angle or range for your movement.
  5. Attaching Media: Enhance tracking by attaching motion analysis media.
  6. Adding Notes: Include relevant notes or reminders.
  7. Saving and Reviewing: Ensure accuracy and modify as needed.

Who #

Goals caters to individuals such as professional physical therapists, coaches, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you aim to enhance performance, recover from an injury, or achieve specific fitness milestones, this feature adapts to your goals and aspirations.

Where #

Monitor progress conveniently within Yogger’s “Progress” tab in the app.

Why #

The Goals feature drives motivation and progress tracking, assisting users in achieving their desired performance milestones.

FAQs #

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